Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Wrong Side of the Bed

Oh, Man!  This morning I woke up in one of the worst moods I've been in for a long while.  Nothing happened to cause this mood; well, nothing catastrophic.  Mostly it's just a series of small and seemingly insignificant things that my mind had gotten a hold of and consequently twisted way out of proportion.  And that was what I woke up into this morning.  My mind was racing, and although I was trying to not pay attention to what it was saying (it doesn't really know who I am anyways) it was seriously corrupting my morning.

So, as I was walking (and swearing in my head) from the train to my office I decided that I was going to turn this day around.  I started to think about the things that today will bring that I can be happy about.  Not about all the great things in my life, but just about today's great things.  By the time I got to work I had a smile on my face again; maybe it wasn't the usual joyful smile that I normally wear, but it was a start.

Here are some of the things I am being happy about today:
  1. The clouds have parted and I can see the North Shore mountains for the first time in at least a week.  It feels like my world just got a little bit bigger.
  2. I am getting (and giving) a pedicure tonight at school.  Who doesn't love a pedicure?!
  3. I am getting a manicure from one of my classmates before class tonight.  Practice makes perfect!
  4. I have ridiculously soft skin from the clay pack we did in class last night.  If you have never had one, I highly recommend getting one, that is, if you like having seriously soft skin.
  5. Tomorrow's Thursday, which is turning out to be my favourite day of the week (it includes sleeping in on Friday mornings).
  6. After today I will only have 4 or 5 more days working at this job.  WooHoo!!!
  7. Greek yogurt with honey and organic granola for breakfast, complete with a delicious Americano.  Need I say more?  Yummmm...
This is just the start of my list, because I know I will think of more things to be happy about as the day goes on.  My mind has slowed down to a more reasonable pace, like a quick jog not a mad dash.  My world is starting to come back into focus and I can see that those things that got warped into massive problems really aren't problems at all. 

Now all I have to do is remember to Breathe.


  1. youre too funny.. I loved your comment over on my blog... what??? you are going to work in a physio clinic?? oh man, do you get free treatments??? do they do IMS?? lucky you.. i go regularly for maintenance to keep injury free for all my triathlon training and it is GREaT!! and yeah YOU now you can dress up girl!! LOL

    I was just in Van. flew home this morning on harbour air... well, we could have gone for coffeee!! maybe next time!!!

    congrats on the new job!!! xoxo J

  2. Jodi, I don't know about free treatments but they do IMS. During my interview I got to look in on an entire session. Thank goodness I can be with other peoples intense emotions, wow!!
    And yes, we should go for coffee (and maybe some window shopping) next time you're on this side of the pond.
    Btw, I am wearing colour today! yay!! :)