Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Damned Either Way

I'm feeling a bit blocked from having what I want and I'm about to start freaking out if it doesn't get resolved quickly.  As much as I am trying to look on the bright side of this situation, I'm really not getting there.

As you know, I have recently returned to school to become trained as a spa practitioner (I am loving the program, by the way!).  As I have a degree from my earlier years I also have a fari amount of student loan debt and very little actual money.  At first this wasn't going to be a problem as my job paid me enough to support myself and pay for my program at the same time.  And then I got laid off.  "No problem" I thought to myself as I started my new (and far superior) job, "I'll just get more student loans and it will all be ok!"

Well, that was a nice thought.  At first, I was denied for student loans as I made too much money working at my old job.  I accepted this because I knew I could still pay for my schooling without loans.  But now that my new job doesn't pay nearly as well as my last job, I really need some funding and had applied to be re-assessed several weeks ago when the job changing all started.  Today I went looking into my student loan application online to discover to my horror that my account has had "restrictions" placed on it.  This means I have been disqualified from recieving any funding until these "restrictions" have been removed.  In the meantime, I have rent and tuition and transit passes and school supplies to buy, not to mention food and my ridiculous Visa bill.

In all honesty, I can't really complain about this.  While money is a HUGE roadblock, it has been my only one so far and is probably one of the easier ones to get sorted out.  I mean, at least I like and am doing well in my classes, I haven't gotten the mid-term colds and flus that are going around, I am more-or-less managing to stay well rested and focused on why I'm back in school.  So it's not really horrible.  I just want to curl up under my blankets and cry for a little while.  Maybe I'll have time for that next week... 

Some days it's just really hard being a grown up!

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