Friday, October 14, 2011

The Wagon

Ok, I admit it, I have a hard time keeping up with blogging. It's not something that I do regularly enough to make it into a habit yet and I just don't have the discipline to make it one. That's not true, I have the discipline, I just don't use it. I could make the usual excuses about life being busy and not having time to write anything witty enough to publish all that same old stuff we hear (and say) all the time. But it would be a lie and I don't want to lie to you, we're still getting to know each other and that's not the impression I want to give you about who I am.  I just fell off the blogging wagon is all, slipped back into my previous non-blogging life, but I've caught myself and now I'm back.

It's funny how easily that happens though, isn't it? I know for me it happens all the time. I'll make a resolution or a plan and I'll start out sticking to it like glue, and sometimes it lasts a long time this way, very diligent in my decision. But eventually I will let it slip; maybe just a little, usually a lot. It varies in how long it goes until I remember what it was I was trying to accomplish before I slipped back into my old ways.

Recently this has been happening with my eating. 
  • I've slipped back into drinking caffeinated coffee, which surprisingly doesn't pick me up the way I remember it doing. I just love it first thing in the morning, and decaf just seems wrong at 7:00am on the way to work (and I don't like that the baristas look at me funny).
  • I've been drinking a lot of alcohol, mostly just on the weekends, but it's been enough to make me think about what I'm doing. I'm still not back to drinking beer (wheat and yeast content) as the few times I've tried it I get pretty bad headaches the next day, although honestly I'm not sure that it's from the beer and not all the drinks I had before the beer. I must say though, it's really nice having weekends off and having fun with my friends over a couple drinks at the local pub.
  • I haven't actually reintroduced wheat or dairy into my diet, but I have tried them a couple of times.  Wheat seems to be ok, dairy not so much. I still intend to properly test them as I want to know exactly what I can and can't eat but I am being lazy about the whole situation and am making out just fine without them in my diet.
So, there you have it. I am lazy all around these days. I'm not fighting it too much as the past eight months to two years have been crazy intense for me and I think I deserve a little down time. I know I'll find a way to create a balance and maintain and move forward where I want to without burning out like I have been. And this seems more essential to life right now than stressing about what I'm not but should be doing.

Have a great weekend! Relax. Don't feel bad about spending the day in bed, you deserve it just like I do.

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