Wednesday, July 11, 2012

All Things at Once

I like the clean, clear, orderliness of either/or thinking; it provides easy systems to arrange the chaos into something manageable. A utensil is either a fork or a knife or a spoon. Simple. If it appears to be more than one of those, I can apply certain definitions to it to decide which one it is.

The problem with the either/or paradigm is that it is so constrictive and allows no room for Life's miracles. And I love Life's miracles, that's where Joy lives. Because of this love for Life's curiosities I have been cheating on either/or with my new lover and/both. And I've got to say, the grass is so much greener! So, after much deliberation, I've decided to cast away the idea of things needing to be either/or. I am breaking up with it, asking it to move out of my life, and I am walking off into the golden sunset hand-in-hand with and/both.

I am expanding my world view and embracing the magic that exists in duality, in the in-betweens. If we, as human beings, can exist as and/both, then why can't all things? The only reason things exist as one thing and not another is because I say so. So what if I change what I'm saying?

This was the reasoning for the re-invention of my blog. I had it in my head as being about one thing, and I had another blog about something else, but why can't this blog serve both ideas? Why can't it be as all encompassing as and/both? Why not? So, I blended, reposted, and whipped this into a new, organic, free-styling shape. This time without boundaries.

Because, really, it's about the journey, and things that come up along the way...

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